In the version of tail or nose wheel available, the EUROFOX offers a 112 cm wide cabin with a lot of footwell and knee space. This microlight is valued by pilots who prefer high-winger airplanes with a robust tubular steel construction and a quick wing flap system for the storage in a hanger or a trailer. An excellent sitting position and a complete glazed door allow you an almost unrestricted view. Thus the EUROFOX is perfectly suitable for photographing purposes. The manufacturing takes place in our partner company AEROPRO, an aviation company in Nitra/Slovakia. This high quality processed plane has got a maximum take-off weight of 472.5 kg. The identical in construction aircraft is licensed in the USA in the LSA-category. There the maximum take-off mass is 560 kg and the maximum speed V NE is 260 km/h. The towing version of the EUROFOX is approved for a towing load of 750 kg and therefore it has got the highest towing power in the microlight category. In order to this nearly all gliders of all categories and types with or without water ballast can be lifted into thermal. The towing power can be compared to conventional motor machine. Due to the low dead weight and the efficient drive the fuel consumption (MOGAS or super-diesel) gets reduced to around the half compared to the E-class towing aircrafts.



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