The DYNAMIC is a top class microlight with very good aerodynamics. Due to the use of high-strength and ultra-modern fibres in CFRP and GFRP sandwich-construction, a low weight of the cell is achieved. A perfect design of the geometry, the rudder coordination fits and the centre of gravity gives this aircraft a stable and soft flight characteristic. The manufacturing takes place in our partner company Aerospool in Prievidza/Slovakia. It is a EASA certificated aviation company. Since many years our customers are convinced of the high quality construction and the perfect quality. The cell is constructed for a take-off mass of 600 kg. In the new LSA category this weight is completely exploited. The maximum permitted take-off mass of 472.5 kg is limited in this category. You will find a detailed description of the wide range of equipment possibilities in our price list. Based on the basic configuration you can compile your own individual equipment. In Austria a rescue system is obligated.


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